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The Succulent & Tropical Plant Event - December 8th & 9th.

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When we open the doors at Flyleaf St. Louis for our monthly events, we open the doors to miles of smiles.

This is because our sole focus throughout the rest of the month is to assure that we are putting together a selection of the finest and best-tended succulent, tropical, carnivorous, fruiting, and all-around fascinating plant collection available. This is what we do. It's what we know. It's what we love.

Visit us: Friday, December 8th, 9am-1pm and 
Saturday, December 9th, 8am-1pm
4205 Watson Road, STL, 63109

Video: Take a walk through a Flyleaf event

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Take a Look Inside!

Each month, we offer thousands of truly exceptional plants. And though the selection changes each month, you will always find new varieties, rare varieties, weird varieties, some perennial favorites, and a helping hand to assure your success with all of your plants. The result, once we open the doors, is miles of smiles. 

Most of the 2.5" potted plants that you'll see in the walkthrough video cost between $4 and $5. Our 4" potted plants range from $10-$15. We also carry much larger sizes with varying prices. 

In addition to the plants, we have plant hangers, pots and planters, our Flyleaf blended succulent soil ($2) and succulent food ($4 per half gallon - $2 refills). We also have our potting bench set up each month with free soil for those who would like to pot their finds on-site, or $2 to-go bags for those who need to run.

just have a relaxing, good time. It's perfectly free and there's no format. No class and no test. But if you'd like some info, we've probably got it...

Email a Gift Card!

Your people love plants, and you love your people. Why not send them a Flyleaf gift card to say so?

We have a stunning and ever-changing collection of plants that is certain to brighten anyone's day.

Available for immediate delivery, or you can schedule it to be delivered any time you'd like.

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Learning at Flyleaf.

Visiting us in Bonne Terre between the events is about more than just shopping with less of the Event buzz.

There is that, too, of course - less eventness. But these "Between-the-Events" visits are also a great time to get your plant questions answered, get some hands-on practice with potting or propagation.

We can talk about soil blends, plant food, lighting strategies, show you some of our planty experiments and


Our Mission.

Flyleaf strives to provide the greatest selection and diversity of vigorous and beautiful succulent plants in the Saint Louis area. At any given time, we have between 100 -150 different varieties in stock - thousands in number - ready for purchase.

We have many of the familiar favorites, but we also search far and wide to make sure that our offerings always include new, unique, and often rare species and cultivars that are less

common to the market. Beyond this, we are always available to answers questions and provide personal assistance to assure that the plants you purchase meet your needs, and that you have all of the information necessary to enjoy your plants for many years to come.

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