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A Walk-Through Video of a Recent Flyleaf Event.

About Our Events.

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Our Sales Events are the two days per month that we bring out the entirety of the Flyleaf collection of succulents, tropicals, and cacti, set them up for sale, and open the doors for all to enjoy. 


The event days always consist of a large community of plants people

having a good time with their finds and the people around them.
In addition to meeting new friends and finding new plants, our event 

days are always a great time to get your plant questions answered. Bring in your pictures... bring in the plant if it makes sense. We can certainly help and would be happy to do so.

Click the calendar to expand our 2024 event dates.

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About the Venue.

Our events are held throughout the 1st floor of the Watson Terrace Christian Church Building, located at the corner of Watson and Winnebago.

There are a few steps into the building, but we do have a portable ramp which only takes 30 seconds or so to set up. The greeter at the front door can be notified or you can call 314-410-0589 when you pull up. The ramp will be at the Winnebago street entrance rather than at the patio.

We are immediately across the street from Blueprint Coffee Watson who, while you're nearby, has some very tasty coffee and a Chai soda that is one of the finest beverages ever created.

Pietro's is a short walk away, as well, for those who need a lunch-break in between weekend activities.


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