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3) Our Social Media. While it's true that sometimes our posts are simply pretty plant pictures, we do spend significant time trying to publish useful and often plant-specific information. Our Facebook page has the most information of this kind since Instagram believes that I use too many words and won't publish entire articles 😁. Links to both accounts are in the upper right-hand corner of this page. Feel free to message either page, any time. Following us gets more information to you.

4) Schedule a Visit to Flyleaf.  Even if our on-line scheduling calendar is turned off, always feel free to message us and ask for a time to visit between the events. We're always happy to talk plants, and always happy to help others with their questions.

5) Email. Always a fine stand-by. Email your questions. Email your pictures.

Our passion for plants at Flyleaf comes pre-packaged with a desire to help any and all we interact with to enjoy their own passion for plants as much as we do. For this to happen, we strive to make our plant care instructionals easily accessible (check the Succulent Basics tab above), and we keep several lines of communication always open so that when help is needed, it's well within reach.


Here are a few ways that you can get the information you need, when you need it:

1) Our Group. We have a Facebook group called PlantsBeyondtheTent which was created primarily to share plant pictures, questions, and information in a community of like-minded growers. There are well over a thousand plant-lovers in the group which assures a variety of experiences and solutions to problems. Please feel free to join.

2) Our Blog. Succulent Basics, has all of the information needed to get started with succulents and cacti. If you are new to plants, the article Succulent Basics gives a fast summary of the soil, the light, and the water needs for successful succulent growing.


What to Do When You Need Help!

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Reach Out. Get Questions Answered.

What about plant guarantees?

We don't have a blanket guarantee

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