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Who Are We?

Not "Who is Flyleaf", but who are we as a community? Who are the people in whose lives plants play a significant role? What are these people like? Are we similar?

The questions may seem unimportant at first, but I believe listening to the answers can be eye-opening in understanding not only who plant lovers are, but also in helping us as individuals better understand our relationship to so many others - our similarities, our mutual interests, struggles, coping mechanisms, and histories. We become more deeply rooted in community - and community is certainly a hopeful thing.

How Did You Get Into Plants?

They're survivors.
From first buy to business.
The nature of nurture.
A plant named Wanda (the O.G.)
A jumpstart to the day.
I care for them... they bring me joy.
Observing life.
Plants are a healing adventure.
Cheers to her daughter.
Grass is not worthy of planthood.
It's the leaves.
It's the therapy.
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